Kiasmos new EP is out today

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Kiasmos is the collaboration between Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen and seems to be the preferred way for the legendary Icelandic composer and pianist to add some sweet, sweet beats to his beautiful melancholic melodies. Their eponymous album was a excellent blend of modern classical ambient and minimal techno and the project is, obviously, a more djing and touring friendly project than Arnalds TV and movie, BAFTA winning, career.

As much as i love Arnalds scores and modern classical output, I’m very happy that Kiasmos it’s not a one off collaboration. The new EP : Blurred is a great continuation of their previous sound but also an affirmation of a Happier and somehow dance-ier side of the project. It’s out today on Erased Tapes and contains remix by Simon Green (Bonobo) and Martin Stimming.

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