Jason Van Wyk - Opacity

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On Opacity, Jason Van Wyk (a 27 years old composer from South Africa) have created a incredibly moving and balanced album: acoustic and electronic, compact and generous, finely crafted and genuine, sentimental and reserved. Its short tracks switch back and forth between majestic pads, a few gorgeous violin melodies, pretty synths, some deep dubstep bass and, of course, beautiful weighty piano. The minimal composition of Jason Van Wyk are confidently produced and feel instantly familiar;I Felt right at home from the first listen. The composition seems, at times, quiet, simple and lofty and the next minutes it sends you to deep space humming along some haunting artificial melody. It’s also an ambient release where nothing feel rushed but no idea overstay its welcome. Quite the accomplishment, really.

Opacity is published by ambient label Home Normal, a very good fit for the current sound of Jason Van Wyk (who started his career producing mostly Trance Music).Even though I have only listened to the LP a couple of times, it’s so soulful that I have no doubt that this could be (one of ?) my favorite release of 2017.

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