Björk - The Gate

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I forgot to post about it, but a few week ago, Björk announced her new album: Utopia. Out in November, this LP is announced as a more optimistic follow up to Vulnicura and will be moving away from the raw, post-breakup, nihilistic songs.

The Gate, The first single, is more dreamy than happy, though. It’s a very strong track and listening to it, one has to wonder : How the hell can Björk stays on top of her game so late in her career and sound musically more relevant and interesting than ever? There is many explanations : her musical genius, the dedication to each of her projects with little to no compromise, all the talented people she surround herself with (Utopia will be mainly produced by Arca, who produce 3 songs on Vulnicura) and of course, the fact that she comes from Iceland, the magical volcanic music island. Still, 25 years after Debut, no artist come close to the perfection of Bjork cohesive and yet diverse discography.

In The Gate, Björk voice is, as usual, haunting and powerful. The song have a complex and subtle minimal techno background with no beat and some glitchy synths; the whole things is a very satisfying listen. She uses many of her usual goosebumps inducing voice tricks and her icelandic accent with the r’s rolling is very strong on this track (I’m not complaining, Björk accent rules).

Also the CGI in the video are completely nuts, so, enjoy the crazyness below! November cannot come soon enough.

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