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Amazing instrumental Board of Canada cover(s)

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Instrumental version of electronic music can sound very very wrong and cheesy. But this cover of Everything you do is a Balloon by Board of Canada is just incredible. A Real labour of love that made me realize that the original song is really not just pretty synths and dreamy samples. It’s really fascinating to see the raw melodies separated like that. They also manage to keep a lot of the weirdness and energy of the original song. Amazing job.

And if you’d like more instrumental Boards of Canada Cover : the classical band stargaze often cover BoC live. They sound really good and there are many videos on youtube This mix by ‘la blogotheque’ contains good recordings of two of their covers : EYDIAB (@ 13min 50s) and Nlogax / Turquoise Hexagon Sun @ (1h 36min). Go check that out !

Melodic IDM mixtape

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After reading this 2015 pitchfork feature, I could not resist the temptation to find all these tracks on Apple Music and make a mixtape of Philip Sherburne selection. All of them were available on the platform, so here you are: Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Melodic IDM on @AppleMusic I didn’t known all of them but this playlist contains a lot of tunes that I remember very fondly from Autechre, Plaid, Boards of Canada, Bola, etc. The melodic side of classic IDM was really my jam when I was younger: my gateway drug to all the good stuffs from either side of the 90s.

A Winged Victory — Atomos VI

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Three Years after their incredible first album, A Winged Victory for the Sullen was finally back in 2014 with Atomos, the score for a contemporary dance piece. And I must confess something: this album slip by me: I have listened to it one or two times and it disappeared in the background… no memories of it. To my disappointment, it did not feel special and I was not hooked on it like i was on the first one.

Vittoria Fleet - Could Be Something

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Recently signed by n5MD. A very interesting track by an Italian/english duo. My kind of vocalist over my kind of glitchy music. Their Album Acht LP is out on n5md.