What is this ?

My ramblings on the web, mainly about modern classical, electronic music and adjacent genre. It's not a hard rule but my taste often falls on the quiet side of the music balance. Updates can be a little unfrequent, depending on my availability and desire to write (and it's not the first time i'm trying this kind of blogging, and fails to keep up... :) )

Why this name ? Why this url ?

If you're wondering if this website is related to a famous Scottish duo. No, it's not. I'm a fan though (shocking, I know !) and I've bought this particular domain a few years ago for no real reasons except the unconditional everlasting love of this album (it's a very evocative and cool name, though)

Who are you ?

I'm me ! Enguerrand. I'm french, proficient in english but not entirely fluent. Also not a writer; Be kind.

Can I contact you ?

Yes, at contact(at)geogaddi(dot)com